A special “Art Book” as a gift from the University of West Attika to its staff

University of West Attica offered a collectible luxury edition of 350 pages with works of art by 38 painters, sculptors and engravers, all professors of the School of Applied Arts & Culture.

The scrapbook, edited by Stella Panagiotou and Thrasos Avaritsiotis constitutes the senior thesis (2019) development of two students and more specifically, of Stella Panagiotou and Spiridoula Tsoumani under the supervision of Professor Mr.Thrasos Avaritsiotis.

The luxury volume of 350 pages, concentrates works of 38 artists from the teaching staff, who have studied in the Applied Arts & Culture School, where the main points of each page written in Greek are included bellow or next to it translated in English in order to be accessible to foreign students, professors and  stakeholders

The initiative was applauded in the book’s introduction by the Dean of the Institute Professor Panagiotis Kaldis.

It is noted that the Applied Arts & Culture School counts many decades of life, since its first steps began in the 70s and by the creation of this book it is provided with the ability to collectively backtrack to painters’, sculptors’ and engravers’ works of art for students and art lovers.

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